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the fox and badger

the fox and badger This one isn't really that much about running, if you're interested in the running it's all up on Strava. It's mostly about animals. and litter. and signposts. Anyway. Oh. It's not about a pub either. I had two early runs planned for the weekend to back to back some training. I'm in the habit of waking early so it makes sense to try to make as early a start as possible to try to still have family time and the chance to get normal stuff done too. day one Saturday morning was cold, the dashboard said -2c in the garage. I'm sitting in the car wearing my running kit, a thick hoodie, and a coat. gloves. hat. and buff. taking no chances here. I open the door and pull out, decide I've just got enough room to clear the right gatepost (I've only just replaced the left one after my last misjudgement) anyway I clear it this time and head off. the fox Just along the road I saw something shiny flash off the headlights (did I m

the fear

the fear I always put on a show of how fearless I am. Ask me what races I'm doing and I'll smile and announce whatever the next  stupid event I've signed up for is and how I'm looking forward to it. Easy This is my default behaviour, I think I developed this trait through 25 years of self employment writing computer software -   always say "yes I can do that", or someone else will - worry about the details later. But inside I'm terrified, I don't know if I can do this, often I don't even know how to do something (but well other people have done it, it can't be that hard?). But smile say "yes" and with a lot of worry, fast learning, fast mistake correction it'll probably all turn out fine, it usually does. Until recently I've always done the same when anyone asked me about any events or races I'd entered, firstly I'm usually a bit embarrassed to talk about them, this is just a hobby, I'm not professiona