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you spin me right round

One year anniversary! 12 months on from  that accident . Wow. That flew by, it really only feels like a few months. Although with my shaky short term memory, that's probably actually my elapsed time. First off admin. I have a race report to include that I've been meaning to write up for ages, but just couldn't think of how to cover it or what to say. It didn't go so well, but then there was no real drama or events to mention like normal ultra races. On the 13th April I attempted my first "track ultra", this was the Crawley 24 hour track ultra. 6, 12 and 24 hour run events all happening at the same time. The venue was the running track behind the K2 sports centre in Crawley. K2 with the camping I had two "big" races lined up for the year, this one and the GUCR retry. The plan was, see how the track ultra goes then decide if the GUCR was realistic. Recovery had been going well, although I (obviously) had some massive holes