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Water sports...

...(i.e. Tracking water for sport, obv.) With the data reporting I was getting with my latest tracker , I had a new idea in the week before my last race... What if it was possible to also monitor, track and report fluids drunk?  I like to run with a water bladder rather than soft bottles, but it's always awkward knowing exactly how much you've had or got left. You can get a reasonable idea from the weight, or patting your bag but obviously it's not as simple as having an empty bottle in your hand. In the past I had tried to use the little Camelbak fluid display gadget... but it was pretty useless on the whole , and impossible to read the tiny display, outside, running, with bifocals on. So I had about a week... and an idea... and already had the framework with the tracker how hard could it be. I ordered a load of random stuff.... and started tinkering. Standard random internet orders, nothing to see here... I picked an  ESP32 board  for this, my idea is to use it to broadca


GUCR 2022 DNF but a valuable and useful technology test, so I don't feel too bad about it. Psychologically that is, physically I'm f***ed. I wasn't going to do this race, after the disappointing race back in January I cancelled all plans and ideas for the year. but in the month or so before I was feeling pretty good and fit*, and I'd got a place, and a hotel room booked, it seemed silly to not at least make a start? After a chat to Alex and Wendy Whearity I felt a lot more positive about taking part, and at the start I saw so many friends and familiar faces it was definitely worth it. (* relatively speaking - I'm getting tendonitis in my ankle treated but that *was* behaving, and I seemed to have recovered enough from last year's shoulder surgery to start swimming again after a couple of years break. so heh - if I fell in the canal I'd be able to swim ok.) Like a Duracell bunny The tracker worked beautifully , still having 74% battery remaining when the hum