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Oh, Sugar sugar....

"Winter is coming" how can they not have used that tagline? Mainly tech talk. but a leetle bit of running. Telemetry So I've been getting carried away with running telemetry, was generally happy with my GPS tracker (although I do have some ideas for switching to different underlying hardware) but I'd always thought it would be neat to have a remote view of heartrate on long runs* but I never got around to adding it although I had purchased an additional wireless module to get the ANT+ data ages ago. This has been sitting on my desk for months, although my main excuse here was because an ebay ordering oversight which meant the board that arrived was the size of a postage stamp. *e.g. tracking HR drift can highlight issues with dehydration during extreme events. Core Then I happened upon the CoreTemp body temperature sensors and thought this might be a neat way to keep an eye on how things are going and spot in advance before I get into trouble (having had multiple fa