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Hot under the collar

Right. The Extreme Energy "Humanity Direct" Tring Ultra . A Plan Another race, a bit shorter (at 50km) than the usual stuff so I have a plan. a cunning plan. A cunning plan... This time I think I'm ready for it, I have it in the calendar - no learning about it four days before , I rest for the week before. I still don't sleep the night beforehand, but on the morning I feel like a coiled spring and for the first time in ages I really feel ready. Excellent. I've been looking at the course profile and previous year’s times and I actually, really, honestly do have a plan. The course profile is like so: Flat and Lumpy So it's a little unusual and different to my normal sort of race with some long flat sections between some lumpy bits. My goal - I reckon I can get well into the top 10, perhaps top 5 and I want to go for the Vet40 win. I intend to start at marathon pace for the first 10k or so, and see what the rest of the field i


How I discovered I was supposed to be running 86 miles at the weekend... ( The Ridgeway Challenge ) Shit Why had I signed up? What was I thinking? Well, I ran the Country to Capital in January, it had gone well considering my ongoing head injury recovery , so I'd decided to see what I could aim for towards the middle of the year - this would give me plenty of time to build up, plan train, judge my ability and so on, etc etc. Then I completely forgot about it. In my defence my short term memory is still a bit of a mess, and it's possible I did just completely forget as soon as I'd entered. Also, there were no follow up update or reminder emails that you usually get for these sort of events. So it was a bit of a surprise to learn from twitter that I had four days to prepare. Right. So what to do? Do I DNS? Do I try to finish? or something else? I'd been OK for a few days at the start of the week, but then it all went wrong towards the end with ni