About me

I'm a computer programmer. I've often used other exotic terms to describe it "software engineer" "freelance developer" and so on, but at the end of the day, I write programs for computers. so.

I live in Surrey, I work in central London.

I do/have done quite a bit of techie stuff in my spare time also, but I never really got into the habit of writing about it, I think the only way to do that successfully is to do it as you do it. There's a couple of pages around here that mention a few bits, e.g. Strava pruning and a brief mention on weekend double. I wrote a program to get the data off my swimming watch - poolviewer, I should dig through my archives and put some pages up about some of the other stuff I did (reverse engineering an MPEG video driver, hacking a 3Com Audrey power supply, random stuff)

I run quite a bit. I started later in life as I got a bit tubby and middle aged, I did a bit of cycling, then some triathlons, but once I started long distance running that took over all my time.

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