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The ongoing VO2 Max saga

Testing the first version I constructed the VO 2 max device when I first heard about it on Instructables it was great fun to make and I was really impressed with the quality of design and construction. (I ordered the case parts from an online 3D printing service) All the bits The resulting unit is really professional and fun to use. The finished device I played with the code and made a few tweaks to the software, then saw there were some improvements and modifications that Ulli Rissel had worked on and incorporated those first incorporating a barometer (BMP180) then adding in a CO 2 sensor (SCD30) Since the device relies on calculating gas volume changes it seemed to make sense to include these sensors. I played with the project occasionally although frequently getting distracted by other projects (like my GPS telemetry tracker). After being contacted by Nik Hawks aka "Gristle King" who was also making his own version and improvements to the design (link: GristleKing ) thi