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"Winging it", a sort of a philosophy to life. Otherwise expressed as JFDI, a bit like Nike - "Just er Do It"

I wish I'd written down some of "the other stuff" I've done, but, life moves on and unless you write it down at the time as it happened you never get around to it and if you try much later it's just not the same. (e.g. see Lanzarote post, that's only there because I found an old email I'd written about it)

So it was a case of trying to come up with a blog title, that "was me" and original. A close contender was "what's the worst that could happen".
Obviously it was only *after* I posted it did I actually do a search and see exactly how many other "winging it" blogs are out there.

Clearly for some of the stuff I've done, you can't just rock up and give it a go, but you can approach everything with an "I don't care I'm just going to try this" attitude, life is much richer and more interesting that way.

Case in point, racing off-road duathlons on a clunky £130 mountain bike, it was brilliant fun, I got pretty good at it, and admittedly I did treat myself to a very expensive carbon fibre thing after a few years when I was really enjoying it, and the "beast" bike was dying.

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