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liar liar, post-concussion update.

I'm a liar. But not in a bad way. 😉   Honest Anyway, this isn't a case of lying to someone else, it's lying to myself. I mentioned before about getting in the habit of being honest with other people so I've been making an effort and although I do still have a tendency to say "of course I'm fine, everything's fine", I am now occasionally opening up a bit more and telling people how I really am even though it's really not second nature for me. Obviously I don't want to just moan constantly, and I don't want lots of attention or fuss, but I'm making a concerted effort to be a bit more open and keep people informed when things aren't quite right. But I need to stop lying to myself. I realise that's what I've been doing, mind over matter, don't accept what's happening and it won't. Sometimes lying to yourself can be useful. It allows you to achieve things you wouldn't otherwise manage. It's go

closing time

three months on Three  Four months on  from my accident . I've been trying to write this for two   three  four weeks - I started right after the Centurion Autumn 100. ish. I got as far as a random disconnected set of jottings, but I couldn't work out a way to thread it into a clear, er, thingy. See. I'm typing this as my dinner cooks. I've just got back from work and I've got a slight headache and I feel a bit out of it. I really just want to go to sleep. But kittens! So. In my minds eye before the A100 I'd got an idea of what I was going to write down for my next blog post. The week of the race we'd got hold of dash-cam footage from the day of the accident (details later). I'd managed a few runs to gauge my fitness and whether I was going to be able to run, I was annoyed (really annoyed) and frustrated that the years Grand Slam dream was scuppered. But. I knew the Reading course backwards, I was feeling good, and I felt reassured