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weekend double

choices This post was going to be one of two alternatives - laid up with a cold for the weekend/week I spent a (full) day disassembling, reverse engineering and hacking a £20 Chinese MP3 player based on the ATJ2127 SoC (system on chip) with moderate success and thought a tech write up might make a change. So option #1 was to be a detailed description of that little project, or option #2 a quick summary of the previous weekends running. In the end I decided option #2 would be the more interesting read, since I hadn't completely succeeded in my mp3 project. Time for an overview of a weekend running two very different events, and with very different goals instead. I had a place in the London marathon this year, but due to other priorities in the calendar wouldn't be trained and able to target a PB, so wasn't really sure what to go for.  Since I already had a slot, there wasn't any point in dropping out  - after all that wouldn't mean anyone else would