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Buckling springs

Disclaimer - there's no running in this post, at all, it's entirely about a keyboard. I'm currently on crutches and hoping that at some point my ankle will fix itself. (16 days. and counting)  (3months and counting)  (Update 8th Nov - still counting.. waiting for an MRI.] (4months and counting)  [Update 2nd Dec - had MRI, waiting for results) My name is My name is Ivor... and I'm a mechkonic*... [mechkonic - noun - a person suffering an addiction to mechanical keyboards]** **probably All will become clear... We have a problem I've got a  thing about keyboards. I use them a lot. I've used them for... (counts of fingers, toes, then the cats toes) approximately 43 years. So. I've used an awful lot of different types (and a lot of awful types) I do recall the Dragon32 was a particular favourite at one point. When I started off, I *did* initially use a Model M, but then forgot all about it. I've retrofitted better/decent keyboards into multiple of my Thinkpad