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Lanzarote 1/2 Ironman

So, rambling race report warning Last weekend it was time for a solo trip out to Lanzarote for the half ironman race. The plan being to recce the route/event to decide whether the full Lanzarote Ironman appealed next year. After failing in my reasoned negotiations with airport security to permit my 125ml rice pudding through (lethal apparently) I waved forlornly to my disappearing snack and headed to the plane. Chatted to a nice family on the plane (husband and son racing) who promised to cheer me on if they saw me. Now there's a certain type of person who catches a Thursday night flight out for a long weekend in Lanzarote it seems, the fun started with the pilot having to invoke the seatbelt sign to get a rowdy hen party to sit down and behave. Thankfully I'd based myself in the hills in the middle of the island away from, well pretty much everyone. Slight tense start hitting the road, at night, in the dark on the wrong side of the road in a manual left hand drive car dri