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Core blimey! (aka Tracking running #3)

For a while I've wanted to add live heart rate reporting to my DIY GPS tracker  but never really had the time (or motivation), however, getting a new toy had given me some impetus to try again, also Christmas time meant plenty of time to play and tinker... oh and I'd put my back out somehow so needed a diversion! After looking into them a while ago, I'd picked up a CoreTemp body temperature sensor since I've had issues with my body temperature in some events in the past I thought this would be interesting to be able to track and monitor... but as a bonus *what if* it was possible for my crew to be able to monitor and track this remotely to be able to pick up on any issues before they become too serious to be able to handle? So it's time to figure out how to enhance the homebrew tracker with sensor support. I went back to the "version 5" model with its slightly roomier case (also the v6, or was it v7? had been really temperamental) the main board in these