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done (for now)... live GPS tracking, with heath and environment metrics. Tracking heart rate, core body temperature, blood sugar, air temperature and humidity. A CoreTemp sensor is providing the body temperature, a GlucoRx Aidex sensor for the blood sugar, and based on a RAK 5010 for the main board. (See the previous post for the blood sugar project). So finally have the reworked GPS tracker up and running, after way too many weeks of coding, tweaking and debugging. Whilst the nRF52 has been really impressive to work with and the SDK is comprehensive with loads of features that are easy to enable, there have been many heffalump traps along the way.... A Core sensor, with some of the blood sensors tried "on the bench" But why Firstly a quick mention for the "why" which has been asked several times along with "but I can do X" on my phone... this is to monitor health during long endurance events *for the benefit of the crew* so they can see what's go

Sniffing Sugar

Sniffing sugar - well decoding Bluetooth data off an Aidex glucose sensor anyway.... Some background on getting the data off an Aidex glucose sensor for my telemetry tracker . The sensor appears to use Bluetooth LE broadcast packets to output its status and data for alerts, which is rather convenient. Interestingly since the Aidex system uses a more advanced (so I assume more expensive) chip compared to the Libre the sensor design is split into two, the sensor contains the battery and the sensor wire which clips into the unpowered transmitter unit. It's a shame to see that the lifespan issue (which I had wondered about) has been solved by including a small disposable lithium battery inside each sensor patch, there must be a better, more environmentally friendly way to build these things. (My first sensor expired so I took the opportunity to disassemble one) Patch innards Transmitter and sensor patch Listening to the data stream there are a couple of modes it cycles through. Firstly