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Run another day

Run Another Day 3rd of July, mid morning and I'm heading down the the K2 running track in Crawley for a second attempt at a 24 track run after the first unsuccessful try in 2019 . The failure in 2019 wasn't a complete surprise since (as I've mentioned in other posts) I hadn't started with the intention on completing I was just pleased to be able to get to the start line and simply intended to 'go as far as I could' on the day. However, I had multiple different goals to target this time - A, B and C. Goal A was to achieve a Spartathlon auto-qualifying time (~140 miles) goal B was to get a Spartathlon ballot eligibility time (~112 miles) and goal C was to complete the 24 hours. I had it all worked out on a spreadsheet and had a plan. The race start is at mid-day so this is a relatively relaxed and leisurely start compared to most races, with time to setup a track-side gazebo with supplies and settle in. Tent town Base station Pre-race briefing and lots of familia