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The Piece of String Fun Run

First up.... I hadn't written anything for a few months didn't want to pre-empt/jinx doing the POSFR by saying everything was awesome, I was ready etc. and then it all going wrong...

Going good But now it's done... so (briefly) it *had* indeed been an excellent couple of months, I'd been feeling much better and finally fit at last.
Firstly running a local 10k trail race - the "Titsey Trail 10k" - coming 2nd place (my goal for the day was top 5, perhaps 1st vet) so was really really happy with that and I didn't mind coming 2nd to Hugo who stormed back in 1st (must remember not to enter him next year.)
Then an SVN (Saxons Vikings and Normans) run in the Ashdown Forest, conditions weren't ideal with all the rain and Traviss the RD *had* announced at the start that it wasn't going to be a day for more than 7 laps. My plan had simply been do this is a mental test, just keep running for 6 hours straight, with no other goal... but, well, now I had a def…