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Feelings of failure

  Disclaimer Warning contains several descriptions of bodily fluids. right from the start. and smells. it's not nice. You probably don't want to keep reading if you're put off with that sort of detail, or if you're eating. oh there's also a little swearing. and some crying. Disclaimer 2: see note at end re blog title. Help! I'm supposed to be fit. Running is supposed to be good for you. Healthy, active, out-doorsy. I'm lying in bed on Sunday evening feeling waves of nausea wash over me. Earlier I burst into tears staring into a bowl of pasta. Really not feeling great to be honest. I've taken a load of expectorant, and some cold-flu tablets, and I'm sucking a "medicated throat lozenge" that tastes like, well, like something very 'hospitaly'. I'm sucking the lozenge to try to stop the dry cough that's ripping apart the back of my throat, and making me cough up phlegm. I'm taking the flu tablets to try to c


The Buckle Centurion TP100 - Richmond to Oxford, up the Thames Path Strava activity training Training for this has been similar to my NDW preparation, I've thrown in a series of 50-60 mile training runs, also this year I've been practicing with fat burning adaptation which has been a fascinating journey, perhaps worthy of a write up all of its own. doubts Before the race I'm having a major crisis of confidence about this race. After the NDW100 I thought I knew what I needed to do to get to the end of a 100, but with the failure at the A100 I'm nervous. Especially so due to the nature of the course, the NDW is hilly, tough, relentless - but the TP100 is quite similar to the start of the A100, lots of long relentless flat terrain, traditionally it has a huge drop out rate. I'd been spending pretty much all of the year so far concentrating on running on flat routes, and lots of road running 😟 So, surely I've got this. But still, that A100 fai