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Between a RAK and a sweet place

I decided to switch my homebrew tracker over to a RAK5010 board:   New board! I thought it was going to be an ideal choice since the previous tracker based on the A9G had needed lots of tweaks - a fix to the power circuitry, adding a charging board and had no inbuilt ANT+/Bluetooth so I'd had to add a second radio board also. The homemade (up to build version 9) unit was getting a bit clunky: Getting a bit crowded in here (also the development support for it is effectively dead with no opensource firmware and multiple unresolved known bugs) so the idea of a single all-in-one board was attractive with the RAK5010 based on the Nordic NRF52 chipset with integrated BT/ANT+, charging circuitry and a BG96 GPS module on board.  I thought this would be a much better platform.... That was the idea. Predictably after playing with it for a bit I do already have a wish-list for their next version, and pondering alternatives or building myself a custom board. The current wishlist for the RAK