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Country to Capital

Do your homework. Always do your homework. Homework Read race reports. Find out about marking. Find what aid stations provide. Understand the route details and where you might need to memorise parts. I didn't do any of those. This is not like me - but I had run the "non-canal" part of the course the week before, and I've run the Grand Union sections before, and it's only a short race so, just "winging it" seems like a good plan. Yeah? I'd heard a bit about this race and seen many comments about what a lovely race it was... so decided it was time to take a look. This seemed like a good opportunity to test "where I was at" now after a bit of a setback at the end of the year. It's a nice short manageable distance, so my plan was to hit it hard (ish) and see how I manage, see how the legs are, see how I'm feeling. I'd had a few ups and downs with my head injury over Christmas... but the Mince Pi run had been great (on