Contact me

I'm Ivor (in case you hadn't got that from any other links or posts)

Always happy for people to get in touch and say hi, or ask questions. I might reply, don't take it personally if I forget or don't get around to it, I try (to reply that is, not forget).

Best option - email - I'm usually much better at being contacted or getting around to replying by email.
I get enough spam already, so figure it out: It's a gmail address starting ivor.hewitt 

At the moment, post twitter, I *am* on Mastodon if that's your thing.

No, I don't do Facebook or Instagram or Snap or TikTok or Linked in, although nothing annoys me more than events who decide that they will use Facebook as their event site (actually, that's not true, lots of things annoy me more).

That's it.


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