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Here comes the muffin man

I don't normally post every run... but I think this is worth a few notes (if only for myself) Cara and me are up early and off for the final G3 Series race of the season, this one has 10k and 15k so *obviously* we're in for the 15k. We ran the first in the series (5k and 10k) but missed out on the second one being over in Wendover for the WW50 that weekend. We've done these races for several years now and they're great fun and brilliantly organised with a real mix of runners of all abilities. The weather can be rather unpredictable which just adds to the fun. Unfortunately no Hugo with us this year, being off at University now, so thankfully I'll be one place higher in the results. Bad boy bad boy, whatcha gonna do. Before the start we all hang around near to the starting mats... (although Cara has insisted she's not staying with me and goes back off into the pack to find some peace) I hang back a bit and leave a gap assuming a group will form in front, but eve

Track at it again

Double post.... both quick write-ups, one failure, one completion. But both a bit disappointing.  Track again First up, some track running again. After running the Crawley 24 in August... I was certain I could do better. Coach Robbie wasn't enamoured with the idea of another 24 so soon after the last, but that performance was nagging at me and I felt ready to try again. Robbie didn't actually say no, but his modus operandi is to let you make your own mistakes. Usually by asking "well do you think it's a good idea?"... Well yes, obviously, it's a brilliant idea, duh! So I was down to run the Gloucester 24 hour on 28th September, it seemed that the steadily increasing heat had been an issue for me at Crawley causing the miserable decline between hours 6 and 20, hopefully the weather at the end of September would avoid this trouble. See brilliant plan. OK. Another track... The only grief initially was logistics, getting from the East of Surrey over to the ed