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Bloggin I've seen some negative discussions about "running blogging" recently which made me ponder what i write and why I write it. Criticism was along the lines of "you have to be a narcissist to blog" "it's just people showing off and making other people feel bad" "it's just self promotion/product placement" etc. Narcissus abhorred and despised those who loved him - if anything at worst this could just be seen as seeking validation and approval from peers - which are standard human desires   (* this is a dated and simplistic model, but you get the idea). To be absolutely 100% honest. Sometimes it has felt self indulgent writing about what I've been up to, but then I write for a variety of reasons. This is how my wife finds out what I'm thinking. 😀 It has been therapeutic and really helped to actually write down how I've been coping . I like to think that what I write (even the bleaker stuff) is or wa

Munch Pi run

Some running blogging! For a change. Well a little bit. Last Sunday was the Mince Pi run - up to 10 laps of 3.14 miles, with piles of mince pies for everyone. We took part last year in torrential conditions so looking forward to a return visit given the forecast is for a lovely clear, and not too cold, day. This year again a full contingent of team Hewitt were out for this one. Not only that but Oliver would be allowed to run *two* laps this year rather than just one last year. No idea at all of Hugo's plan, he'd had a bad run the week before and suffered with a cold, any attempt to ask his plan just received a shrug, but I'm getting used to that sort of communication system now. Cara wasn't happy, still trying to shake off the tail end of Hugo's plague, and wasn't confident. Cara: So what's your plan? I: Er, no idea. Will see how it goes. (I: internal dialog) well obviously, it says 10 laps. I'm going to do 10 laps. okay? I: I'll do a f