I've seen some negative discussions about "running blogging" recently which made me ponder what i write and why I write it.

Criticism was along the lines of "you have to be a narcissist to blog" "it's just people showing off and making other people feel bad" "it's just self promotion/product placement" etc.

Narcissus abhorred and despised those who loved him - if anything at worst this could just be seen as seeking validation and approval from peers - which are standard human desires (* this is a dated and simplistic model, but you get the idea).

To be absolutely 100% honest. Sometimes it has felt self indulgent writing about what I've been up to, but then I write for a variety of reasons.
  1. This is how my wife finds out what I'm thinking. 😀
  2. It has been therapeutic and really helped to actually write down how I've been coping.
  3. I like to think that what I write (even the bleaker stuff) is or was entertaining and interesting.
  4. I like reading other peoples blogs, and have often heard of a race or learned something, hopefully someone reading mine will get something from it.
  5. I don't think I show off with my exploits, I've mentioned things I've been proud of achieving, but if someone really wants to see detail, then they'll need to dig through Strava or Power of 10 to get that.
I write my thoughts down because I enjoy doing it, and I hope others enjoy reading it, apart from that, *who cares* and if you don't enjoy or agree with something or think someone's an idiot, er, don't read it? No-ones forcing anyone to read anything, it's pretty obvious what sort of blog someone is writing, in much the same way you can tell the difference between types of novel or weighty tome. Just read what you want to - everyone enjoys something different, be it E.L. James, Jeffery Archer or Iain Banks.


Another topic with some dissenting opinions - inevitably due to it being the end of the year - is those yearly mileage goals.

So what about those mileage goals? - "setting an arbitary junk mile goal is stupid" - "just trying to get a round number is for OCD idiots"

Similarly. Who cares? Doesn't that depend on whether you "run for fun" or you're a competitive athlete?
If you're running for fun, setting a target is just another way of expressing and participating in that fun. If you're not running for fun you probably have other specific targets to hit and train for... *but even then*  people unwind/let their hair down/ muck about and have fun, just for the sake of it.

If you've run 995 miles, is it going to matter if you go for a 5 mile run "just for the sake of it"? Is it going to make any difference whatsoever to anything or anyone? No of course not.

If you're training for a sub X something... is it really going to make the blind bit of difference if you round that last run up from 9.7 to 10?

Humans like patterns, they are hard wired to.... (most) find them pleasing. So. isn't that the important bit? You are doing something that *makes you feel good*.

Surely that's beneficial?

Do what makes you feel good. Do what you enjoy.


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