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Tracking running Part #2

Part deux tracker blog posting...  If you're just interested in running and not technology, this is probably not that interesting for you so head over to the run post instead... ( link ) If you are just interested in technology, this is the post for you! If you're interested in both, probably wander off and read that one first, then come back here. 😁 After several improvements and reworks from the first build of the tracking website ( described over here ) I was happy with my tracking website now, and it had worked well on the race day... The site can follow several trackers, supports several different types (mine, tk102, tk104, lk109, orux map), can show the track taken for each, overlay a "course" show the elevation profile with aid stations along the way, highlight the viewers location... (ok it is possible I may have over-engineered it since it's just a personal site) S o decided it was time to stop adding bells and whistles and should return to the idea of b

Tracking running Part #1

Part one of two part blog posting...  At start with Laurence of Arabia head gear.. If you are just interested in technology this is probably not that interesting for you so head over to the tech post instead... ( link ) If you're just interested in running and not technology, this is the post just for you! If you're interested in both, probably read this one first, then head over to that one... will remember to add a "next" button at the end. 😁 This is a bit rambling. sorry about that. It's been a long time since a running post. 2020 has been pretty miserable, apart from not having much to write about... there wasn't much point writing to simply moan how awful everything was. I'd had a superb start to the year, I ran Country to Capital and had a blast actually properly racing the final 26 miles .... I was feeling *very* fit and ramping up training, looking forward to the races through the year with an "A" race I was already planning for and re

Homebrew GPS Tracking

Nothing to say really since the C2C update from January with no race reports to add, what to do, what to mention...  Last week was sad. We lost our beautiful cat Ernie (Speeding driver). ( Update: Just over a week later, Eric was also gone, hit by another car. I am heartbroken.) We're going to have to get some new friends for Eric (who is being *very* clingy). Remain Indoors Well it's been exactly two years since the event {voiceover *do not talk about the event*}, still mostly good days, the occasional bad day or two, some unpredictable bad headaches, the erratic balance etc etc.... but on the whole, mostly awesome - and still steady constant improvement and progress. I've just had a celebratory glass of Champagne. One Up This week I am running in the Centurion virtual "climbing" event - I've not had a specific target for this really, with the upcoming NDW race I didn't want to compromise that by going for one of the "massi

Country to Capital take two

Country to Capital 2020 Right, back to the season opener "Country to Capital" after last years introduction to it , I thought I had it all sorted... I thought I'd done my homework this year, and there would be no surprises. I had a plan, got a room booked and geared up. Getting to the start line A standard saying for running motivation is often "the hardest part is getting to the start line" I feel this was taken too literally for this race. Things weren't off to a good start right from the off. I had liked getting to this event last year, nice and simple, you could get the first City to Country express out from Marylebone in the morning, get to Wendover just before the start and run. ideal. So I'd got my room booked near the station like last year.... However, in the pre-race email it mentioned in passing that there was going to be a replacement bus service for a section, but it would arrive at 8:23 so they'd moved the start back 15 min